Spiritual Awareness

We are celestia productions


Celestia Productions was established in May 2011 

Since inception, we have introduced the following:

  • ‘You are not Alone’ internet radio series of shows where Len Lobban shares his experience of the Spirit World and provides us with some great philosophy – originally broadcast on Align Radio in the US but now solely broadcasting on AwSum Radio

  • AwSum Radio (Internet Radio) – launched 2011.  A platform for hosting Len Lobban’s ‘You are not Alone’ series of shows plus guest hosts and independent music from all genres in our Xtra AwSum Radio playlist

  • Len Lobban’s Spiritual Awareness Course

  • December 2016 - AwSum Radio changed from scheduled shows to on demand, listeners can stream shows at their leisure



Jim Bowe – Music & Show Production

Rachel Watterson – Admin & Social Media