Spiritual Awareness

We are celestia productions


Celestia Productions was established in May 2011 

Since inception, we have introduced the following:

  • ‘You are not Alone’ internet radio series of shows where Len Lobban shares his experience of the Spirit World and provides us with some great philosophy – originally broadcast on Align Radio in the US but now solely broadcasting on AwSum Radio

  • AwSum Radio (Internet Radio) – launched 2011.  A platform for hosting Len Lobban’s ‘You are not Alone’ series of shows plus guest hosts and independent music from all genres in our Xtra AwSum Radio playlist

  • Len Lobban’s Spiritual Awareness Course – complete audio course available soon in our Celestia Shop

  • December 2016 - AwSum Radio changed from scheduled shows to on demand, listeners can stream shows at their leisure



Jim Bowe – Music & Show Production

Rachel Watterson – Admin & Social Media


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Spiritual Awareness Course

by Len Lobban

Available soon in Celestia Shop

The “Awareness Course” Manual was written to provide a structured format of teaching for groups and individuals who do not have access to an experienced teaching Medium.  Its aim is to provide a gentle introduction to Spiritualism and to give students an overall education in it’s history, it’s philosophy and it’s gifts, as opposed to adopting the prevailing practice of placing new students into “open” or “closed” circles for which they may not be emotionally or mentally equipped.  This format does not claim to be the definitive way to development, however, it is an organised, simple way of teaching, that has proven successful.

The battle to win the hearts and minds, of the general public, will be won when Spiritualists are able to articulate our truths, knowledgeably and rationally, without recourse to unsubstantiated anecdotes.  These only add to the cynic’s argument that we are unable to justify any of the wonderful events produced since the birth of modern Spiritualism.  If we believe in the great exploits of our early pioneers, and there is tremendous evidence to do so, it is only sensible and prudent to study, and try to copy, the methods and practices that produced such fantastic phenomena and such unique Mediums.  To this end, we endeavour to raise the standard of Mediumship by strict discipline in training those students who show promise and dedication, while educating our students in the history and philosophy of Spiritualism.

In support of Len’s reasons for introducing such a course, we’d like you to listen to an extract from an interview with Gordon Higginson, possibly the finest Spiritualist Medium/Teacher ever to have worked and demonstrated in the UK.  The relevance of this 5 minute audio is Gordon’s assessment of the weakness in the current system of mediumship development, whereby the importance of learning the history and developing philosophy, is more often than not overlooked.